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Kid Concierge

The Kid Concierge and Melanated Audacity are working together to provide top-notch service, allowing you to reclaim your time. Allow yourself to be present for the holidays and birthday parties. Kid Concierge can ensure everything goes off without a hitch.  

Three Tiers of Service:

1) The "Hand-Off" package - We will handle the research for your action

2) "All Hands on Deck" package - We will work with you to handle your tasks

3) The "Hands' Off" package - We will handle every detail. (Ultimate Stress-Free Option)

Event Planning

  • Venue

  • Food/Beverage

  • Cake/Dessert 

  • Entertainment

  • Birthday Shirts

  • Party Favors

  • Invitations

Childcare Research

  • Identify potential candidates

  • Pre-Interviews

  • Job Description Creation

Kid Stylist

  • Wardrobe Capsule

  • Seasonal Options

  • Special Occasions

  • Idea Boards

  • Matching Options for Siblings/Family

Playroom or Bedroom 

  • Decorations

  • Organizational Assistance

  • Virtual/In-Person Options

Gift Shopping

  • Research

  • Deals

  • Christmas

  • Birthdays

  • Graduations


  • Custom Crafts 

  • Decorations

  • Custom workbooks

  • Teacher Subscription Boxes!!!!!!

The Kid Concierge is a WHIZ with customization.
Check out some examples below.
If you can imagine it, she can create it. 
What ideas do you have? Let's bring them to life!

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