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The Olivia Pope Package

Melanated Audacity provides both personal and professional support. 

Do you have an established list (or multiple lists) of tasks to complete, OR do you have no idea where to start?

I know about that list that you keep in your head...let's get those things done.


Do you have annoying tasks that take up your precious time?

You could be doing so many other things than organizing your inbox.

Do you have experience delegating tasks, OR are you utterly uncomfortable with this and need some guidance to get started?

No judgment, Sis. I got you

Are you ready to get organized, manage your time better, and have someone to hold you accountable?

I won't let anything fall through the cracks.

Do you want a Thought Partner to share the Mental Load as you care for everyone and everything?

Sis, a new perspective, a strategic partner, and a safe space can make ALL the difference.

Do you have a partner and would like some day-to-day support so that you can ENJOY your life together?

It's time for a guilt-free vacation. Let me handle things, and you hit the beach with your bestie.

Do you have someone that you KNOW needs an assistant and is stubbornly refusing to look into it?

I've been there. Let's Chat.

The Olivia Pope Package includes:

  • Weekly Strategy Sessions

  • Action Plan Creation

  • Accountability Check-Ins

  • Internet Research

  • Email & Calendar Management

  • To-Do List Destroyer

    • As long as it is within my scope of work, consider it handled.

Ask about our 30-day trial and flexible payments.
Delegation is self-care.
Take care of yourself.

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