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How can I support you?

Personal Support

Email and Calendar Management

  • This package is perfect for those "always on the go" ladies. With this package, I check your inbox daily. Any relevant emails will be flagged or responded to on your behalf.

  • This package also includes calendar management. I'll schedule/cancel/adjust your calendar as needed. I'm happy to assist if you need some productivity block carved out weekly. 

  • With this package, I can assist you with setting up a scheduler (Calendly or other options) to allow you to manage your calendar if you'd like. All of those important dates, events, anniversaries, etc.....I can add those for you as well. 

  • No more missing birthdays, meetings, etc. Also, let's schedule some self-care time!!

  • Monthly Option - No Commitment. 25 hours Max per month 

To-Do List Destroyer

  • This is a very Simple & Straightforward package. Give me your to-do list. I'll knock out every item that can be completed. If you or others must complete an item, I will provide pricing and next steps to ensure a seamless finish.

  • The price and timeline of this package will be based on your needed actions. Schedule a Discovery Call, and let's get into it!

  • One-time Purchase - No Commitment

Olivia Pope 

  • As long as it is within my scope of work, consider it handled!

  • 4 Month Commitment - 10 or 20 Hours Monthly Retainer

  • 5 Hours Rollover Maximum per month.

  • The Olivia Pope package is a catch-all for all personal packages:

    • Email and Calendar Management

    • Research

    • To-Do List Destroyer

    • Personal Strategy Calls

    • PLUS.....

    • I'm available to assist with tasks as they pop up during the month. I am YOUR person! I'm happy to handle anything I can take off your plate with this package.


  • This package is perfect if you do not need any tasks but need your own personal "Google" that can research and identify resources customized to YOUR preferences.

  • Anyone can search on Google, but Melanated Audacity will cater to your specific needs and expectations. 

  • 2 Active Research Requests at a time.

  • All research results will be provided via spreadsheet or PDF.

  • Maximum turnaround time for requests is 72 hours unless discussed otherwise.

  • Monthly Option - No Commitment

  • Examples of research include:

    • vendors for home repair/maintenance

    • product reviews

    • kid-friendly restaurants

    • summer camps/schools,

    • medical/dental professionals

    • hobbies/activities for family

    • self-care options

    • gifts for others

    • identifying fun events for holidays/summers/vacations​

Personal Strategy Calls

  • Solutions-Oriented Call 

    • Discussing overwhelming, frustrating obstacles​

    • Discussing your current to-do list

    • Preparing/Discussing upcoming events

    • Identifying resources and vendors to assist/delegate

  • Optional: Detailed Personal Strategy Plan 
    • ​Includes list of resources and pricing (as available) with option to establish initial contact, as needed)​


Professional/Business Support


Auditing and Reputation Management

  • What does the world think of your company? Is your customer journey seamless and efficient? 

  • This package allows me to audit your business as a client and an employee. I will identify opportunities for growth and potential future obstacles/setbacks. As a former business consultant with over 15 years of experience, I'm trained to observe and provide strategies in all business areas discreetly.

  • My love for research truly shines with this package. I will research your company's online presence to identify any customer-identified frustrations/obstacles. Any negative feedback will be responded to quickly and effectively to increase customer loyalty and enhance brand awareness.

  • One-time purchase - No Commitment. This includes initial research and audit and monitoring your company's online presence for 30 days.

Apply for Quarterly Business Support

  • Melanated Audacity supports a limited number of businesses quarterly. Please feel free to set up a Discovery Call to discuss your needs. This support includes data entry, customer service, database management, and other tasks.

  • 3 Month Commitment - 10 or 20 hours monthly

Business Strategy Calls

  • Solutions-Oriented Call Discussing/Assisting with:

    • Current Obstacles

    • Upcoming Events

    • Marketing Strategies

    • Process Improvement

    • Operations Efficiency

    • Problem-Solving

  • Review: (To identify opportunities for growth and increased efficiency)

    • Client Journey​

    • Back-End Process

  • Optional: Detailed Business Strategy Plan 

    • ​Includes list of resources and pricing (as available) with an option to establish initial contact, as needed)​

Accountability Coaching


Accountability Coaching

  • If you are juggling many things and need to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, I'm your person. 

  • I will create an Action Plan to track your ongoing tasks/needs with this package. This will be monitored and reviewed each week during our check-in calls. 

  • I am happy to provide feedback, support, and encouragement as needed to complete your tasks. 

  • I will not let you fail.

  • I will not let you get in your own way.

  • Time is precious. Let's get it handled!

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