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Melanated Audacity Presents

WM Audacity

 A 5 minute read and workbook by Ms. Donshay

WM Audacity is a straightforward and honest project.  It is a reminder to look in the mirror, see greatness and go after what you want. You are capable, motivated, intelligent, and ready! 

You have all the tools to succeed, but do you have the AUDACITY?


Melanated Audacity Presents....


Self-Care for My Sistahs is a coloring book full of affirmations, reminders, and positive phrases to encourage Black Women in everyday life.

While the world around seems to be in a chaotic state, coloring allows you to ground yourself and relax your mind. It soothes anxiety and provides a break from the SCREEN!

How to use:
Purchase this book.
Grab your markers and favorite snack.
Turn on your FAVORITE playlist.
Color, relax, breathe and remember how amazing you are.

It's Simple, Sis. Just take that moment to yourself. This book will help unwind.

Screenshot 2022-06-29 223057_edited.jpg

After 2 years of working from home, the video call meetings are getting repetitive. This coloring book is a perfect gift for your office bestie. It includes all of those phrases that you can hear in your sleep. This includes those messages to encourage teamwork, the constant technical difficulties, and everyone's favorite.....*SMALL TALK*.

If you set your laptop up, just write, you can color in your meeting while looking productive. It's the ONLY way to make it through those meetings that COULD HAVE BEEN AN EMAIL!

my damn to do list.png

For those days you just aren't feeling it, but you still have to push through. My DAMN To-Do List is a Vibe. A simple place to mark all the shit you need to get done.


A planner that is worthy of the Spelman Woman. Includes Self-Care, Affirmations, and more.

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