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Melanated Audacity

 I am honored and humbled that you have stopped by. 

most frequently requested services

  • Calendar Management

    • Meal Planning​

    • Chore Scheduling

    • Date Night Scheduling

    • Birthdays/Anniversaries

    • Events

    • Self-Care Appointments

    • Medical/Dental Appointments

  • Internet Research

    • Product Research/Quotes​

    • Travel Planning/Booking

    • Event Planning Support

    • Sourcing Vendors

  • Strategy Session

    • Problem-Solving​

    • Automating/Improving efficiency

    • Serving as a thought partner 

Data Entry

Travel AssistanceTrave

Inbox Management/Organization/Organi

Accountability Check-in Sessions

To-Do List Completion


Business Tasks include

       Customer Support 

       Customer Experience Consultant

       Customer Communications - Email/Ticket Systems

*Please note that Melanated Audacity does not provide lead generation, phone support, or cold-calling services* 

What am I working on now?

As a personal assistant who values and respects her client's privacy, I cannot provide any portfolio to view or specifics about what I'm working on. However, I will provide a more generic, high-level version of some tasks I am currently (or recently) handling. This can provide a small snapshot of my capabilities.

  • Serve as Catering Manager for a California-based restaurant.

  • Serve as Customer Support for a major hair care company.

  • Plan international trips for multiple families, including:

    • Customizing and managing flight details.

    • Researching and booking local transportation.

    • Coordinating various activities and events for groups.

    • Managing logistics between activities and providing real-time assistance during trips.

  • Collaborate on household needs, including:

    • Handling warranties, repairs, and purchases.

    • Sourcing vendors and comparing purchase options.

  • Identify and book lessons, camps, and activities for multiple children.

  • Organize donation pickups and junk hauls.

  • Source childcare options as needed.

  • Assist with insurance claims, communications, and research.

  • Find suitable courses, classes, and coaching sessions for client needs.

  • Schedule passport appointments and provide necessary document lists.

  • Support event planning by:

    • Calling, researching, and booking venues, vendors, decor, caterers and entertainment. 

    • Identifying and purchasing favors, special outfits and other items for event, as needed.

  • Assist with calendar setup and management.

  • Arrange for sending flowers, gifts, etc., on behalf of clients to loved ones or coworkers.

  • Purchase tickets to various events on behalf of clients.

  • Handle bill payments and deposits on behalf of clients.

  • Book self-care appointments, including hair, medical, and dental appointments.

Is Melanated Audacity right for you?

Is this you,

  • Overwhelmed with tasks that you are 100% capable of but can't get a moment to complete.

  • You can't even BEGIN to think about how to delegate tasks.

  • Juggling everything in your mind or whatever you can write on

  • In need of some relief but unsure how to get started.

  • Wanting help, but not used to asking for it. 

  • Needing a hand, but not wanting to be judged.

  • Tired AF. Mentally Drained.

  • Over it.

  • Your shoulders are high and tight. Jaw clenched. Tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth. 

Who are my clients?

  • 9-5 Employees

  • Mothers/Caregivers

  • Wives/Partners

  • Introverts/Extroverts

  • Entrepreneurs/Business Owners

  • 3rd Shift Employees

  • CEOs, COOs

  • Vacation Loving

  • Judges, Senators, Singers

  • Aunties, Sisters

  • Target Shoppers

  • TikTok/IG Scrollers

  • High Profile Individuals

  • Type A.....through Z

Bottom Line...I'm here for ALL of it! I can handle you and all that comes with you. I welcome it. 

Why choose Melanated Audacity?

  • No judgment. You see mess and chaos; I see opportunity.

  • 100% transparency. 

  • Encouragement, Support, and Solutions!

  • I am NOT someone jumping into this as a side hustle. This is my life. (as-is Chipotle. I LOVE Chipotle)

  • I'm a mother, wife, and business owner, and I understand EXACTLY how hard it can be to trust someone to support those roles. This is what makes me great. I do for you what I would want done for me.

  • TOP QUALITY,  which is what I expect from my own assistant. (Yes, I have an assistant. It's a form of self-care, ya'll! Get into it!) 

A few of my attributes...

-An Alumna of the Illustrious Spelman College.

-Consistently complimented on my “Professional Southern Hospitality” and “Superior writing skills.”

-Passionate about helping Black Women succeed personally and professionally.

-Proven success with attracting, serving, and retaining clients (96% retention rate as of April 2023)

-Recognized for superior writing skills and work ethic by supervisors and senior leadership

-Self-motivated, thrives with minimal guidance, proactive, and able to navigate through uncertainty and ambiguity comfortably

-Trained and experienced with confidentiality and information security


Melanated Audacity is
a Safe Space for Black Women who could use an extra hand.

If you are not quite ready but want to stay updated, subscribe! 

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