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Melanated Audacity

If you're looking for Virtual/Personal Assistance,

You are in the right place!

Is Melanated Audacity right for you?

Is this you,

  • Overwhelmed with tasks that you are 100% capable of but can't get a moment to complete.

  • You can't even BEGIN to think about how to delegate tasks.

  • Juggling everything in your mind or whatever you can write on

  • In need of some relief but unsure how to get started.

  • Wanting help, but not used to asking for it. 

  • Needing a hand, but not wanting to be judged.

  • Tired AF. Mentally Drained.

  • Over it.

  • Your shoulders are high and tight. Jaw clenched. Tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth. 

Who are my clients?

  • 9-5 Employees

  • Mothers/Caregivers

  • Wives/Partners

  • Introverts/Extroverts

  • Entrepreneurs/Business Owners

  • 3rd Shift Employees

  • CEOs, COOs

  • Vacation Loving

  • Judges, Senators, Singers

  • Aunties, Sisters

  • Target Shoppers

  • TikTok/IG Scrollers

  • High Profile Individuals

  • Type A.....through Z

Bottom Line...I'm here for ALL of it! I can handle you and all that comes with you. I welcome it. 

Why choose Melanated Audacity?

  • No judgment. You see mess and chaos; I see opportunity.

  • 100% transparency. 

  • Encouragement, Support, and Solutions!

  • I am NOT someone jumping into this as a side hustle. This is my life. (as-is Chipotle. I LOVE Chipotle)

  • I'm a mother, wife, and business owner, and I understand EXACTLY how hard it can be to trust someone to support those roles. This is what makes me great. I do for you what I would want done for me.

  • TOP QUALITY,  which is what I expect from my own assistant. (Yes, I have an assistant. It's a form of self-care, ya'll! Get into it!) 

A few of my attributes...

-An Alumna of the Illustrious Spelman College.

-Consistently complimented on my “Professional Southern Hospitality” and “Superior writing skills.”

-Passionate about helping Black Women succeed personally and professionally.

-Proven success with attracting, serving, and retaining clients (96% retention rate as of April 2023)

-Recognized for superior writing skills and work ethic by supervisors and senior leadership

-Self-motivated, thrives with minimal guidance, proactive, and able to navigate through uncertainty and ambiguity comfortably

-Trained and experienced with confidentiality and information security



I've been in business for almost 10 years and I have to say the decision to invest in working with Melanated Audacity falls in the top 3 of the best decisions that have moved my business forward. As a solopreneur, I was often overwhelmed by the volume of tasks on my list. Melanated Audacity showed up with systems, recommendations and support that has reduced my stress level and helped my business operate more efficiently. Sis, this isn't just "virtual assistance", this is executive level strategic thought partnership. I recommend this business without reservation.

 - J. Bennett with The Lifestyle Group

Your attention to detail and amazing organization of my Dropbox helps me to pump out more social media content more consistently because I can easily find my files. More importantly, I've had to send files and photos to several media outlets, and it was so much easier locating those and getting them in on time. I was a little apprehensive regarding the cost. However, I personally know your work ethic and believed 100% that you would deliver on what you promised. Ms. Donshay is the real deal! If she says that she can do it, believe that she will over-deliver.

 - E. Carzo with Virginia Marie Cake Boutique

Donshay and Melanated Audacity is definitely worth the investment! Her ease of understanding and efficient implementation is outstanding. She made me feel seen and heard and was able to quickly equip me to be better manage the many facets of my life! She creates systems for success and I highly recommend! You won’t be disappointed! 💙💙💙

-T. Jones

Highly recommended - consistent, thoughtful, reliable, communicative, and willing to take ownership of a task and be creative in problem solving. We're so thankful she's part of our team!! Tonya was super clear in her communication worked independently to complete the task, even when thrown curveballs or dealing with unexpected challenges. I will definitely circle back around for this and other work soon! Thank you so much.

- Jamyla B. of Oyin Handmade

While working with her she was prompt, very responsive, clear, and efficient. She focused on making sure she had a clear understanding of my desires for the project and executed accordingly while giving adequate nudges if anything was missing on my part. She also provided clarity for me regarding my business that'd I'd apparently missed, making me more competent in my field. She's definitely someone you'd want to work with, and highly recommend her!

-hwmarriages (Review from Fiverr)

Donshay definitely shows that she cares about her clients! Even if there are tasks that stretch her outside her comfort zone, she does her best to support and help you get what you need.

- J. Bell

Donshay and Melanated Audacity has truly been a vital part of my business's growth. I’m learning not to try doing everything myself and her amazing talent was right in time. I highly recommend this business to anyone struggling to manage all the moving parts of their business or just needing to some assistance!

- S. Ballew

Melanated Audacity is
a Safe Space for Black Women who could use an extra hand.

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