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Welcome to Melanated Audacity

If you're looking for Virtual Assistance,

You are in the right place!

Thanks for visiting. 

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Is Virtual Assistance right for you?

You can benefit from a Virtual Assistant if:

  • You are still answering your emails, managing your calendar, and completing tedious daily tasks.

  • You have ever felt overwhelmed, mentally drained, or "stuck" with your business.

Why hire Melanated Audacity?

  • As an entrepreneur, you may feel that no one will care about your business as you do.  Well, Melanated Audacity does care!

  • Melanated Audacity is patient and willing to build your trust to ensure you are comfortable with delegating.

If you hire Melanated Audacity, what will change?

  • You can take time away from your business, whether its for a much-needed personal day or catch up on your gym time.

  • You will have more dedicated time to grow your business. Complete training that you have delayed. Create more content, try new ideas and FINALLY complete the never-ending things-to-do list.

Sis, Welcome to Melanated Audacity. 

I am PROUD to be a Virtual Assistant that is intentional in supporting Black Women. 

  • This is your safe space to be 100% authentic. Be you.

  • If you don't enjoy responding to emails, dealing with vendors, or doing research, let me take those actions off your plate.

  • Send me your to-do lists. Let me make an action plan for you. 

  • This is a judgment-free zone. Melanated Audacity wants to peek behind the curtain and help you get organized so that you can continue to present your professional face to the world.


Ms. Donshay,
Your Next Virtual Assistant 


Ms. Donshay is featured on Talkin with TK Podcast - Listen Here

Pocast Episode

Services Offered

 Please see the below list of the services I offer. If you have a need that is not listed, please contact me so we can discuss it.

If I cannot help you, I would be happy to refer someone equally talented, professional, and passionate.

Administrative Tasks

  • Business correspondence

  • Calendar Management

  • Composing Documents

  • Create/edit forms

  • Create reports, training manuals, and/or SOPs

  • Data Entry

  • Update/Manage database

  • Develop/Review presentations

  • Email Management – Organize inbox, and respond to/review emails.

  • File organization

  • Internet research

  • PDF – conversion, merge, split PDFs

  • Project/Task Management

  • Other Administrative tasks – if you require services not listed, please email me to discuss.

Evaluation/Auditing Service

I have over four years of training and experience in evaluating and auditing businesses. I have an amazing eye for detail and great communication skills. With my experience as a business consultant and mystery shopper, I know how to observe discreetly and provide strategies that will help your business grow. 

  • I can review your current customer service process/team and provide feedback/recommendations to increase customer satisfaction.

  • I will provide discreet auditing services and provide a review of your company’s customer service/interaction with recommendations for success.

  • Review/Recommend strategic improvements for administrative processes/policies

Customer Service

​Superior Customer Service creates loyal customers which are VALUABLE to your company. Build a community of loyal customers around your business, and you will continue to THRIVE! Consider that many customers do not submit reviews or complaints about small negative experiences. They will remember the less-than-excellent experience and never return. Let's prevent that from happening. 

  • Provide Customer Service on behalf of your company via Live Chat, Email, social media, or ticketing software.

  • Reputation Management - including responding to feedback and reviews

  • If there are any other ways that I can assist your customers, please let me know.

Personal Assistance

  • Calendar Management

  • Internet Research

  • Problem Solving

  • Purchase Research

  • To-Do List Review and Action Plan Creation

  • Assistance with Completing the To-Do list actions

Don't know what you need?

Do you have:

•    A business idea but unsure of next steps?
•    A business that could use some improvement but are unsure how to get started?
•    a constant feeling of being overwhelmed? 
•    A flood of unread emails that you need assistance with organizing?
•    A ton of half-filled journals with notes and scribbles but unsure how to organize and be productive?

If you just need help with SOMETHING, but you are not sure I can assist....reach out to me. I am always happy to help when I can. If I cannot help, I can help you determine WHERE you can get assistance. 

A few of my attributes...

  • An Alumna of the Illustrious Spelman College

  • Consistently complimented on my “Professional Southern Hospitality” and “Superior writing skills.”

  • Passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed

  • Proven success with attracting, serving, and retaining clients

  • Recognized for superior writing skills and work ethic by internal and external customers, supervisors, and senior leadership

  • Self-motivated, thrives with minimal guidance, proactive, and able to comfortably navigate through uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Trained and experienced with confidentiality and information security

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Don't just take my word for it. Please check out these testimonials from some of my previous clients.

Highly recommended - consistent, thoughtful, reliable, communicative, and willing to take ownership of a task and be creative in problem solving. We're so thankful she's part of our team!!

-Jamyla B. of Oyin Handmade

Dr. G. Woods

Melanated Audacity is a Safe Space for Black Women who could use an extra hand.

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