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33 was good to me...34 has big shoes to fill. Happy Birthday to me.

My 33rd year has been one of my best years as an adult. I spent the year learning who I am and slowly introducing myself to my world. Up until this point, I have defined myself by roles as daughter, friend, employee, wife, and mom.

This year, I learned how to define myself as:

  1. a black woman that is healing and helping others to heal

  2. someone that enjoys reading, singing, and dancing

  3. a lover of Colorguard, learning, and french fries

  4. someone striving to improve and grow constantly

  5. a Spelman Alumna that loves her sisterhood

  6. a socially awkward woman who enjoys all things BLERD

more to come... I'm still learning who I am

The internal healing from therapy has my skin glowing, my posture straighter, and my smile wider. I'm feeling fabulous and WORTHY, so I am treating myself as such. I am allowing myself to receive compliments, doing things I never thought I would do, and being unapologetic about taking time for myself. I'm doing the things I enjoy in the way I enjoy doing them.

Being unapologetic also applies to my Virtual Assistant business, Melanated Audacity. I have been blessed with clients nonstop since we opened. I have encountered some badass black women. It has been humbling that these powerhouses have depended on me to support them with different projects. Being 100% authentically me has been working wonders. I am at my most confident because I can be myself. Initially, I felt I would need to do and act like other entrepreneurs on social media. I stressed over that for quite some time. I am a pretty private person and loathe the idea of being on social media and trying to make TikToks about my business. I prefer being behind the scenes. I LOVE to see my people shine, but if you put a light on me, I might implode.

However, 33 has empowered me, and I am slowly taking my steps toward social media in my way. Doing things in my way is proven to be more than enough. At 33, I have learned that I am WORTHY.

My goals for 34:

  1. Continue to do things that I have been scared or nervous to do

  2. Continue to learn but feel empowered to do things as I see fit

  3. Ensure that Self-Care is a priority and encourage others to do the same

  4. Live my life as if I am the main character because I AM!

  5. Be the woman I want my daughter to admire - flawless, unapologetically outspoken, self-loving, and self-aware.

  6. Grow my business to empower more black women.

I will continue to walk my path, laugh loudly, and live happily. I wish all the same for you.

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Jun 14, 2022

I absolutely love ALL of this. I don't know you to this resonate with me on so many levels. I am on the journey to discover who I am.. at the age of 40... thank you for sharing your journey of healing and discovery.


May 24, 2022

I liked the person that you were but I absolutely love the woman that you are becoming. I hope your birthday was everything you prayed for! - Inez


May 23, 2022

Love all of this! Congratulations sis and Happy Birthday!!! The best is yet to come! Being you looks amazing on you! Najah

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