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Share a Personal Assistant with your Loved One

I've received many emails and requests from you all asking if I can work with your partner, best friend, roommate, etc. I'm happy to do so and have provided this support many times.

My goal is always to help you RECLAIM YOUR TIME & REDUCE YOUR MENTAL LOAD.

I've created a Couples Personal Assistance Package that allows you and your loved one to share Service Hours!

What sort of services are offered? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Calendar Management: This is so much more than scheduling appointments. Calendar Management is a lifestyle and can benefit your household in many ways. Setting up a shared calendar or using the ones you currently have can prevent miscommunications and double bookings and remove the mental load of keeping track of all moving parts for the family.

Accountability Check-ins: Do you have a to-do list, an important goal, or an upcoming trip? Let me support you to completion. Having someone to support you, provide strategic assistance, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks is very helpful.

Strategy Session: For those who are very busy and have no time to figure out those frustrating situations, these sessions allow me to assist in solving daily problems to ensure you can continue living your best life.

Research - Internet Research seems like the most straightforward task. We are on our phones or laptops most of the day, right? Just take a minute and Google those questions. However, research for a new appliance, landscaping service quotes, or event planning can have many follow-up communications. You can forget which vendor said what. Do you have time to read the reviews, compare vendor pricing, and be truly present in your request to ensure it checks all your boxes?

Travel Arrangements - Assistance with booking/planning/logistics and more.

These are all tasks you can complete but stop and consider the mental load that comes with handling all of these, just imagine them all DONE.

Time=Reclaimed. Mental Load=Cleared

This call is a game-changer. Check the reviews. Talk to ya soon!

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