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Melanated Life Skills, Writing, and Problem Solving

This virtual space is FULL of Melanated Audacity.

This means that I have the audacity to not

only exist but to THRIVE in all areas of my choosing.

There are 3 areas dear to my heart that I will be sharing throughout this blog.

1) Melanated Life Skills: As we all know, there are no instructions for life. There is no guide on how to be the best mom or best wife. Adulting is hard. You pretty much learn as you go. You make mistakes and you try to recover. People give you advice. You listen to it, or you don't. At the current age of 33, I STILL don't know what I don't know about life.

My daughter is being raised by someone who is learning on the go. I'm using a combination of what my elders taught me, what my village advises, and Google. Rule #1 to NOT go crazy is to give yourself grace. I have accepted that I do not know many things and that my best is all I can give to the world. I continue to learn as much as I can every day to be helpful to those around me. The more that I learn, the more I want to share with others.

I've decided to share some life skills. And not just "Here is how to Vacuum" type articles. I will be providing some obnoxiously detailed information about different topics, including vacuuming. Please feel free to comment on anything that you would like to learn more about or even to discuss. These articles will be researched but will include advice from other people that I trust. What makes these skills "Melanated" Life Skills you may ask? Well, I'm black. I was raised black. And I love my black culture. So, as I share these life skills, you will definitely feel the presence of blackness in my writing and in the advice I may provide. IYKYK

2) Writing: I am on a journey to become a better writer. I have written tons of short stories, kept dream journals, and even published a short book. I have really been enjoying writing prompts that I see on Tik Tok and Reddit. My favorite challenge has been the two-sentence horror stories. These can be found on Reddit and are AMAZING. I will be challenging myself to do at least one writing prompt a week. I will also share some of the short stories that I have written before.

The more I write, the better I can get. Right now, my writing stays in my head and I have great stories and ideas but they should be out in the world. My message with "White Man Audacity" was to chase your dreams without hesitation. Do it scared if you have to, but do it. The posts that are categorized as "Writing" will simply be me, following my own advice and being transparent as I do it.

3) Problem Solving: I ABSOLUTELY love to help people. I've been solving problems my entire life. Whether they are relationship problems, scheduling conflicts, midlife crisis issues, or parenting. I love to solve problems. A major part of this blog is that I want to be a help to YOU. I have helped people start businesses, decide what type of career to pursue, relocate across the country, create activities for childcare, research any topic you can imagine and so much more. I love being helpful.

One of the only things I enjoy (but also hate) about training sessions is the Q&A portion. I despise people who ask questions because they weren't paying attention BUT I do love it when someone asks a question that EVERYONE needs clarity on. That is why I want to have a problem-solving space for Melanated Audacity. If I can help one person with a problem, maybe I can help others.

Sis, when you are part of the Melanated Audacity are not alone! Let's figure it out. Please use the contact form or the comments to send me your problems and questions.

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Jul 31, 2021

I can't wait to see all of the resolutions you come up with for any issues or problems you are requested to assist others with during this journey! You are AMAZING!!

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