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The Melanated Audacity

Blog post #2. What to chat about? Welp, let's dive right in. My message. My mantra. This has been such a guiding light for me in 2021. It has led me to write a book, start this blog, set up a Fiverr Seller account, and begin other projects that I have delayed for so long.

"Have White Man Audacity"

Let me March of 2021, I went on a sugar cleanse. I saw some video on Tik Tok that motivated me to give up sugar. (If you have never given up sugar for over 5 days, I challenge you to do your research about it and see the benefits. It was insanely beneficial for me.) I stopped with all sugar except for small portions of fruit. I drank a gallon of water and committed to walking at least 5k steps daily. After about 3 days, I had an intense hyperfocus moment. It was as if I had been in a fog for years. I wrote out my things-to-do lists (There are 5 of them. Don't judge.) and knocked out about 65% of the items within 24 hours.

On my list was "start a Fiverr account". I have wanted to start up one of these accounts for years. I have a background in administrative, logistics, and customer service. I figured that I could set up an account and make some extra money for a rainy day. For years, I continued to delay this. I felt as if my profile would be overlooked, not good enough, and a waste of time. However, with this hyperfocus came a large amount of "Fuck it" and "White Man Audacity". I started my account and posted the information into a private Facebook group.

Once I posted my account, people began to reach out and inbox me INSTANTLY. I had 3 clients within a week. The Fiverr profile was NOT my absolute best work. I knew there was more research I could have done to help my profile stand out and get customers. Even without doing the extra work, I was successful.

Now, what is "White Man Audacity"? It is having the audacity to go after your goals without consideration of whether you are actually qualified. The actual formula that I use to explain this concept is:

White Privilege + Male Privilege = White Man Audacity

"White Man Audacity" is confidently applying for a Senior position without having any experience or education. When I take this level of confidence and apply it, more often than not, I am successful. I have ALL the Melanated Audacity to do WHAT-EVER I want to do. If I had this sort of audacity as a young woman, I cannot IMAGINE where I would be right now.

I was so excited after explaining this concept to my Spelman Sisters that I wrote a book. I wrote a book in 6 hours and published it with Amazon. The book was a #1 New Release for a couple of days. The book "WM Audacity" is literally a product of my own Melanated Audacity. I continue to apply this audacity to all of the things that I want to do. It has been so empowering.

I have included a link and a free preview of my book. I would love for you to take a look and buy it (of course) if you like it. I stand by the message 100% and have received amazing feedback. One of the things that I want to accomplish with this blog is to introduce this very concept and encourage women everywhere to pursue their goals unapologetically.

In the comments, let me know what sort of things you would pursue if you had unlimited resources. What's stopping you from doing these things? How can I help?

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